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Omg stfu Rashad: Day 1: Favorite gymnast


This one is a match up between Shawn Johnson and McKayla Maroney.

(side note, both of those outfits are atrocious)

Like I cannot choose one over the other, and Ill explain why.

With McKayla, she’s young and new to me (I know, I haven’t kept up much with worlds in the last year or so…) and she’s also only a year younger than me. She has a will to win and her smile is just so cute and contagious. If you can honestly tell me that whenever you see this sweet little girl giggle, you don’t smile uncontrollably, then you, sir, have no soul. She also has my sense of humor and she doesn’t take shit from anyone… not even Letterman. All of that sassiness and confidence in that body is EXTREMELY attractive to me, and intimidating to her opponents.

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